Doxiderol Review


I am a student at Hillsborough Community College doing an AA degree ( engineering geared). I have been using doxiderol for about three semesters now (yeah I count time in terms of semesters-lol). Anyway, Its been a great tool in the studying department. Working and going to school full time , honestly, when I get home I have no energy to study– all I want to do is sleep. This is a horrible combination when you need a 3.5 GPA in core subjects like calculus and physics with calculus (even the subjects name alone sound exhausting).  This was affecting my ability in class because I was not able to study — I could not even concentrate in class because I was so tired.

I found doxiderol online when I realized I needed a boost to study. I’ve tired other brain boosters ,as I like to call them, before doxiderol like gingko biloba and focus factor. These never seemed to work for me; I was still very tired and I was still not able to concentrate. Since I started taking doxiderol, I am able to concentrate and I can study for longer periods.  Some days I may need to study all day. After a while, my brain feels dead (like I cannot absorb anymore information). I just take doxiderol and I feel refreshed– I can actually absorb information again. This is particularly helpful for all nighters. But don’t get me wrong , this is not a miracle pill ; you still need to put in the time and energy to study — Doxiderol just helps you to put in the time and energy to study.

So what is this doxiderol?

Doxiderol is a Nootropic. It works by increasing blood flow, reducing stress, protects brain cells, boost mental agility, stamina and focus, and supports neurotransmitters. Its main ingredients are Acetyl L- Carnitine for brain cell production, L-Theanine to reduce mental and physical stress, caffeine to enhance alertness, Vinpocetine to increase brain circulation, Citicoline to boost Choline levels ( citicoline is helpful in the treatment of ADD), and Bacopa to enhance physical functions of the brain (it also helps boost immunity and has positive effects on the retention of new information).  You can read more about the product’s ingredients at this site Doxiderol ingredients.

Here is a video from the Doxiderol website about the product:



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